How to Write a Finance Essay

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As a finance student, you have the opportunity to show how much you have grasped the coursework by writing an exceptional essay. Explaining finance topics and issues in a written academic form can seem challenging and nerve-racking but with the right guidance, you will have no trouble.

Show your teachers that you are capable of expressing and elaborating on different financial matters by composing a well-written and well-structured essay. The following points will explain what you need to focus on in your essay to show your skills in managing finance and dealing with financial concerns.

Choose the Right Topic

If you have the liberty to choose a topic on your own, try to find some matter that interests you and which affects modern finance.

Show your teacher that you are up to date with current financial issues in the world and share your opinion on it.

Also, the plus side of choosing a modern-world finance topic is that you’ll be able to find material which will back up your claims much easier. Try to focus on articles and/or books which are published recently so that you have valid information.

In case you have a few assigned topics to choose from, do a quick brainstorming or even quick research to see which topic has enough publications and information in order to form a high-quality essay.

Don’t forget to always choose a topic you have a good understanding of.

Follow the 5-Paragraph Essay Structure

The five-paragraph essay is a format of an essay that has five paragraphs: one introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs with support and development, and one concluding paragraph.

Unless your teacher has explicitly noted how you should structure the essay, the five-paragraph essay is the way to go.

Finance essay is not the next great novel. It should be straight to the point and simple.

Focus on the following structure guidelines:

Introduction: Pull the reader in and explain the main goals you want to achieve

Body: Elaborate on the addressed matter and supply necessary evidence in three paragraphs

Conclusion: Summarize all the mentioned arguments and give their full evaluation and assessment

If you need some help with structuring your essay, you can always find some online writing service such as Get Academic Help to help you out.

Make an Outline

An outline is a great organizational tool which helps you to arrange all the information you have.

You can lose some valuable time if you go straight to writing because you can easily forget some information or realize that you haven’t organized it well so you’ll have to go back and forth to make changes.

By creating an outline, you’ll have the opportunity to rearrange your thoughts and findings until you are satisfied with the result and ready to start.

It also serves as a reminder so that you don’t forget some important facts.

Do Thorough Research

Finance essays can rarely rely on subjective opinion. They need to be backed up with proven facts, data, and formulas in order to determine the outcomes.

Gaining such information demands that you do your research on the matter.

Make sure that you only use credible sources. Including someone’s aspect from a blog won’t be valid and can lead you in the wrong direction.

Here are some of the sources you can use:
  • Financial textbooks
  • Lectures
  • Online and offline library sources
  • Latest financial journals
You can even choose one strong case that can be applied to your entire thesis instead of browsing the web for a variety of different examples. For example, large conglomerate businesses such as Apple or Starbucks should have enough finance articles written about them that you can use them repeatedly as an example in different areas.

Over to You

Considering that writing essays is nearly impossible to avoid, you should aim to perfect this skill and ensure some good grades. With these several tips, you’ll be able to write a credible, well-structured, and organized essay on any financial topic.

Keep in mind that besides these writing tips you should also always proofread and edit your essay before you submit it. As long as you work on your writing and show that you have an understanding of the topic, you’ll have nothing to worry about.